About us


PRIN ICT focuses on providing our customers and clients with the best possible solutions and services that they need to thrive in their companies.
Let PRIN ICT take away the stress of IT, let PRIN ICT take care of your IT solutions and services, that way you can focus on your clients and enjoy the things that is most enjoyable for you.

Genaral IT

PRIN ICT provides all general IT service, maintenance on systems, setup and install of new and existing systems, installing of network cables and setup of network systems. All the general IT services that you need.

Remote Services

PRIN ICT provides the following remote services: support, maintenance, backups and monitoring.



PRIN ICT provides Domain, Website and Hosting services and solutions.


Communications and Collaboration

PRIN ICT provides communication and collaboration services and solutions.


By letting PRIN ICT be your service provider, you do not have to worry about your internet, telephones, emails and so much more that your company needs to operate with on a daily basis.